Reflect On Training is all about bringing meditative exercises into the adult learning process.  This makes courses and training sessions more valuable, learning more effective and increases creativity and autonomy in learning.

    Available courses

    This is a course of 20 meditative techniques you can use in your training and teaching.  You will find videos, audio recordings and exercises to try out.  Whichever way you adapt them to your courses, there is a lot of useful advice to guide how and why to use them.  One of the most valuable things about this course is being able to discuss what you discover with other people trying the same exercises.

    This is a course for school teachers who want to try out some no-nonsense, effective self-care practices especially for teachers and share experiences on integrating them into busy life.

    If you have 2 hours of training to cover in a training session but just one hour to cover it, or if participants on your course feel like you are going too fast, flipped learning will help. 

    This course is about the basics of humanized training and teaching.  It deals with listening skills, equality, emotions of the trainer and of the participants and facilitating.

    This course is about the different ways we learn and the different ways we can teach to guide learning.

    Here you will learn about planning course schedules and sessions. Use the templates and examples to plan your own course with the ideas and information provided.